Planning Discussion Information
Discussion:  Strategic  Planning:
         Should we do it?
         Can we do it?
         Why should we do it? '
         What if we don't do it?
         Will we die if we do it?
Speaker:  Jeffry Cadorette,
Rotary International Director  (2018-20)
Associate Broker, Commercial Realtor
Executive Vice-President, Media Real Estate Company
Jeffry  is a past General Coordinator  world-wide  of Rotary Foundation Alumni Coordinators. He was a delegate  to the Rotary International  2004 and 2007 Council on legislation in Chicago.
He has represented the President  of Rotary  International  at  District Conferences across  the country  and in Canada  and  has been  the keynote and motivational speaker at numerous district conferences, Rotary Founda­tion dinners, Rotary  workshops and seminars around North America.
In·September of 2016 he was  the selection of the Zone 32 Nominating Committee for Director to serve on the Rotary International Board of  Directors 2018-2020 representing 70,000  Rotarians from Alaska, Canada,  the French   Islands off   the coast of Canada, and  the North- eastern US. 
He is a recipient of numerous professional and Rotary awards  including  the Rotary International Service Above Self Award, Rotary International's highest honor  for  individual Rotarians and  the Rotary Foundation Distinguished Service Award,  the Foundation's highest distinction.