Global Grants
Rotary Global grants are designed to support large humanitarian service projects with an overall budget of $30,000 or more . All project elements must be determined, and the cost of each established to reach a total project cost. Think in terms of buying things or contracting for services, not making a donation. Donations to organizations are not eligible for grants. Rotary grants are not designed to support research or construction projects.
Grants must be within the six areas of focus:
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution,
  • Water and sanitation,
  • Basic education and literacy,
  • Disease prevention and treatment,
  • Maternal and child health, and
  • Economic and community development.
New projects are eligible for grants. Projects that have already been started are not eligible.
Sustainability is a key criteria used to evaluate grants for approval. If equipment is part of the project, how will it be maintained? If training is required, who will supply it? Are these elements included in the total project cost?
Because grants are project driven, the salaries of employees of partner organizations cannot be included in the project cost. However, a project can contract for services from another organization on a time and materials basis.
The Rotary Foundation has very rigorous conflict of interest policies. As a general rule, Rotarians who are associated with a partner organization or are a supplier of project elements should not be a member of the grant committee. By not being a part of the grant committee, the Rotarian will not have direct access to project funds, thus avoiding even the appearance of conflict of interest.
At the completion of the project a final report must be submitted along with invoices or receipts for all project elements, and copies of all disbursement checks. Both district and global grants are subject to audit by The Rotary Foundation. Incomplete or missing final reports can render the district ineligible to execute grants until the problem is resolved.
Clubs must be in good standing with the District and Rotary International in order to apply for a grant. All dues and all reporting on previous grants must be current.
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