Posted on Jul 07, 2019
Fellow Rotarians:
I am delighted and honored to be given this unique opportunity to be your District Governor.  Congratulations and best wishes to our 44 Dynamic Club Presidents, 9 Assistant Governors and our leadership Team, as they take on their new roles. 
July 1 2019 marked a new beginning in the Rotary world.  Not only did Clubs and Districts bring on new sets of officers, but Rotary’s new 5-year strategic plan and the new vision statement went into effect.  Firmly grounded on our core values that define Rotary:  Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service and Leadership, the 24-word vision statement sums up our shared aspiration:
“Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves”
That is the long-term goal.  To achieve this vision, Rotarians, over the next five years. will direct their energies on four priorities:
  1. Increase our impact
  2. Expand our reach
  3. Enhance participant engagement
  4. Increase our ability to adapt.
Bearing in mind these priorities, President Mark Maloney has outlined his plan for this year based on the theme “Rotary Connects the World”, built on four areas of emphasis:
  1. Grow Rotary
  2. Involve our families
  3. Create a viable path to Rotary leadership
  4. Work with the United Nations.
This is a time in the Rotary year for looking forward.  Together, as a dynamic Team, we will forge ahead and begin the process of lasting change, which will raise our level of service, and help brighten the lives of people, wherever we go and even in places we cannot go – because “Rotary Connects the World”.
-DG Mahbub