Monthly Morning "Meet and Greet" hours. . .


Every 4th Thursday at 7:45 am
These are "open" networking events, so you don't need to be a Rotarian to join us for good coffee and good chat. Get to know your neighbors in the area, and exchange ideas about what's happening locally and regionally.

Getting to know others in your local community is a long tradition in Rotary. In fact, it is why Rotary exists.

In 1905, our founder, Paul Harris, conceived of Rotary as a way for business and professional men to help each other. It was an opportunity to get to know other businessmen and support them in their businesses. He called it fellowship and mutual helpfulness; today we would call it networking.

Paul Harris started the first Rotary club in 1905 for exactly that reason. Forty years later, in 1945, Paul remembered Rotary's humble beginnings:

"This new club was called Rotary because in the early days the members met in rotation in their various places of business so that they might come to know one another better.

The heart and soul of the first Rotary Club in Chicago was fellowship... ...and the original idea of mutual helpfulness evolved into the idea of general helpfulness."

Please RSVP no later than Tuesday before the meeting (thank you)

Let Bill Fishman know you will be attending and if you will be bringing a guest. Cost is $5 each

For further details, contact Bill Fishman  - Email: