Chalk up a big achievement for D7230!  Our District has recorded a net gain of 61 members between 1 July 2021 and 31 January 2022.  We now stand at 1160 members, up from 1099 at the beginning of this Rotary year a growth rate of 5.55%.  This puts our District as the leader of the pack in membership growth in both Zones 28 and 32.  The 21 Districts in Zone 32 have a total of 32,766 members in 1134 Clubs.  Overall, our Zone saw a membership growth of only 0.83%
A significant contribution to our net increase in membership was the chartering of our District's newest Club - the Rotary E-Club of Sunshine, New York, which brought in 15 new Rotarians in November last year.  Another major contribution was by the Pleasantville Club which inducted 10 new members in January.
In terms of demographics, our District shows 37% female members up 2% compared to the beginning of the current Rotary year.  One area of possible improvement is our under-40 membership which shows only 5%.  This figure is likely to be significantly different because 48% of our District's members have not reported their age.