Posted on Sep 01, 2019
September is Basic Education and Literacy Month.  Many of our Clubs are undertaking Education and Literacy projects via the District matching Grants program.  There is also a Global Grant proposal on Basic Education, which is nearing finalization with the participation of 3 sister Districts.
Looking back, August was Membership and New Club Development Month.  While our District has had only 1 new club in the last decade, that Club also added 7 new members this Rotary year.  The way forward is New Clubs.  There are initiatives underway to form new Satellite Clubs, which will also be a boost to our membership.  But importantly, we must redouble our efforts to keep the members we already have.  All members need to be engaged in Club activities. And for that we need to make an intentional effort to ensure that we are providing our members with a worthwhile experience! It is important that our fellowships are informative, and fun, but also meaningful and responsive to the needs and interests of our members.
This month, the week-long Zone Conference will bring Rotarians from Zones 24 and 32 together at Niagara Falls, Canada.  Our Zone 32 will be welcoming Districts from Michigan and New York.
Fast Forward:  October will bring a flurry of activities.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, 26 October for District Conference Part 1.  Details to follow very shortly.  Also, be sure to set aside October 24 – World Polio Day.  Clubs will be organizing Polio awareness events.  Going the last mile in the eradication of Polio is the most important last step in finishing off what we Rotarians started way back in 1979.  Our Annual On To Bermuda is October 30 to November 3.  Get your Bermuda gear ready for fun, and learning as well.
Bina and I are continuing with our DG Official visits to clubs.  We completed thirteen so far, each one was quite unique, all were special, engaging and memorable.  We are clearly comprised of diverse groups, who share the core values of Rotary.   Hope to complete all 44 Club visits by November.