Posted on Aug 05, 2019
This edition of "From Your Governor" is a short video.  The topic is District Grants.
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Hello, I'm District Governor Mahbub Ahmad. I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to brief you on an important deadline that's coming up over the next couple of weeks.

As you know, we are now receiving applications for district grants from your clubs. Your clubs are now to apply for the district grants online at that's

What we have done this year is to have a qualification process just like in previous years, but it's much more structured.

If any member of your club has attended the May 11th 2019 District Training Seminar, you are by and large qualified. But if you have not, there is another way to qualify. And that is by taking the online course at the Rotary Learning Center. The online course is called the “Grants Management Seminar”.

There are a few other requirements for qualification and those are, (1) if you are current on your payment of RI dues, (2) whether you have named a Club Rotary Foundation Chair on the district website, (3) whether you have entered goals on Club Central, and (4) whether you are current on reports on past district and global grants.

So it's really simple, go ahead and, enter those goals. Enter the name of your Club Rotary Foundation Chair, and you're all set to go.

If you need help, we have an extensive help area on the district website, Visit the global grants page, to which there's a link right from the home page and you will see a few “how-to” guides. In particular, the how-to guides are: (1) how to submit your grant application on (2) how to enter goals on rotary club central and (3) how to take the grants management online course at the learning center.

I hope you're all ready, set to go and apply for district grants. There's money for you, so take advantage of it and good luck.

On Screen Caption: Deadline 15 August 2019