The Rotary Club of Hope NY had a delightful evening with over 100 children during a Holiday Party on December 21, 2023, at the "Children of Promise NYC" venue. Organizers deemed the event incredible, labeling it a "Wow Evening" where they reunited with their young friends from CPNYC’s Bronx location.
Initiating relationships with children of incarcerated parents in December 2022, the club attracted over a hundred children in just one year. Club leaders attended the event, expressing joy, sharing happiness, and presenting gifts to the kids, who were thrilled with their new toys. The Hope NY Rotary Club members embraced love and acceptance wholeheartedly.
Club President Kazi Ahmed, Charter President Rownak Ahmed, and the energetic Sanjana Tasneem joyfully accompanied the children. A social media post featuring an album from the event was dedicated to DG Rev. Dr. J. Loren Russell for supporting the club in organizing it.
Additionally, the Rotary Club of Hope NY celebrated the birthday of their club advisor, PDG Mahbub Ahmad, on December 22, sharing their joy with him.