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Scarsdale High School Student Leads Toy Drive for Ukrainian Orphans
In an inspiring display of compassion and leadership, sophomore Matt Ben-Gera spearheaded a Toy Drive for orphaned children in war-torn Ukraine, enlisting the support of the Rotary Club of Scarsdale, N.Y., and a network of volunteers.
Since November 2023, members of Rotary International District 7230 collaborated with Matt to establish collection points and gather over 300 pounds of toys for the Ukrainian children, demonstrating an impressive community effort.
Assistance from key figures like Amir Asadi, Rotary International District 7230 International Services Chair, and Garrett Capobianco, Rotary of Scarsdale Foundation Chair, ensured the safe transportation of the collected toys to Caritas, a nonprofit organization in Berezhany, Ukraine.
Facilitated by the Rotary Club of Gizicko, Poland, and its President Stefan Weker, Matt connected with Caritas, which specifically aids Ukrainian children aged 5 to 13 who have lost parents in the Russian-Ukrainian war.
The success of the project, which garnered support from various individuals and organizations, including Rotarians, business professionals, and others, is a testament to collective generosity and goodwill.
Gratitude is extended to all contributors, including Amir Asadi, Halina Sabbath, Irena Portenko, Father Otec Mychajlo, Evelyn Jelec, Stefan Weker, Sherry and Avner Ben-Gera, Ron Fuchs, Caritas in Berezhany, and Meest-America Shipping.
Above all, Matt Ben-Gera's dedication to honoring his great grandfather's Ukrainian heritage and spreading love to Ukrainian children shines as a beacon of compassion and initiative.
Sunshine Club Fights Hunger One family at a Time
In the bustling borough of the Bronx, amidst the daily hustle and bustle, the Sunshine Rotary Club is making waves in the fight against hunger, one family at a time. The Club's latest effort shines a spotlight on the compassionate work its members a're doing to alleviate the struggles faced by vulnerable communities, particularly in the wake of unexpected challenges.

On 7 April, the Sunshine Rotary Club extended a helping hand to an immigrant family in The Bronx, which had found itself in the throes of adversity. Stricken with the loss of their breadwinner, the family was grappling with the daunting task of navigating life's uncertainties, with a mother now shouldering the responsibility of caring for two young children on her own.

Amidst the shadows of despair, Sunshine Rotary member Shireen Shams emerged as a beacon of hope for this struggling family. Shireen, who had previously assisted the same family through the New Member Grant program, recognized the urgency of their situation and sprang into action once again, receiving prompt approval from the Club Board.  Armed with empathy and a fervent desire to make a difference, she embarked on a mission to provide tangible relief to those in need.

Understanding the family's dire need for basic sustenance, Shireen meticulously curated a month's supply of essential groceries. From staples like rice and flour to nourishing lentils and cooking oil, no detail was overlooked in ensuring that the family's pantry would be adequately stocked. Additionally, Shireen included snacks, recognizing the importance of providing not just sustenance, but also a semblance of comfort and normalcy during trying times.

With unwavering dedication, Shireen made arrangements to have the supplies delivered to the family, her actions serving as a poignant reminder of Rotary's commitment to service above self. Through her kindness and the generosity of the Club, she not only provided nourishment for their bodies but also offered a glimmer of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The Sunshine Rotary Club's efforts exemplify the profound impact that can be achieved when communities unite in solidarity to combat hunger and uplift those in need. As they continue to forge ahead in their mission, one can only imagine the countless lives that will be touched and transformed by their unwavering compassion and dedication to making a difference, one meal at a time.
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New Members undertake Projects with the New Member Grant Program
The District's New Member Grant Program has been off to a great start this year.  Under this program, new members can apply for a grant of $250 to do a small project on their own with the support and mentorship of their Club.  The intent of this Program, first began in 2019 during the term of then Governor Mahbub Ahmad is to start new members off on their Rotary journey of Service, without having to go around looking for funding.  
Three New Members from two of our new Clubs took on projects for Thanksgiving, as their way of helping those around us who need help. 
One of our youngest members Nahian Ehtesham of the Sunshine Club contacted the United Community Center of Westchester, in New Rochelle to find out what they most needed. Their outreach is directed towards immigrants, refugees, high-risk communities, and vulnerable populations. The facility is inclusive, and the doors are open for anyone to address their concerns.  Based on her conversation with the Center Director, Nahian purchased grocery items from Stop and Shop and delivered them to the Center.  The items included cooking oil, apple cider, cereal, and breakfast bars, among other items.
Another new Member Sohel Parvez of the Hope Club organized a heartwarming Thanksgiving lunch for the Children of Promise (COPNYC), in The Bronx - which cares for children of incarcerated parents.  The kids were eagerly waiting to celebrate “Thanksgiving Lunch” and indeed it was an amazing feast! Using grant funds supplemented with some additional funds, they ordered Chicken, Rice, Beans, and plantain for about 50 children and staff members of COPNYC.  Hope Club President Kazi & new member Faisal were joined by Charter President Rownak and together they served the hot food to the children themselves. The happiness of the holiday celebration with the children was priceless.
The third project was undertaken by Sunshine Club's newest member Shireen Shams.  Her project was to come to the assistance of a young immigrant family in the Bronx where they had just lost their bread earner and the mother is now having to care for two young children.  Shireen found they needed basic food items, so she purchased about a month's worth of grocery items - rice, flour, lentils, cooking oil,  and snacks, and delivered the supplies to the family in need. 
Hope Club participates in Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
Congratulations to all members of the Hope Rotary Club, sister Clubs, their friends, well-wishers, supports and mentors. With their generous and active support, Hope NY Rotary was able to raise $1,000 at the “Strides Against Breast Cancer” Walk channeled through the American Cancer Society.  The Club also earned a “Fabulous Fundraisers Badge”, from the Society!
Despite the threat of rain on the morning of Sunday 15th October, team members trekked to the rendezvous point at the corner of 67th Street & Central Park West all the way from Long Island, Jackson Heights, Queens Village and other parts of the City. A Rotarian friend, Past President of Dhaka Rotary Club in Bangladesh, Abu Newaz Bhuiyan landed at JFK that morning, and directly joined the walk to encourage our new members’ first Rotary project!
Under the leadership of President Kazi Ahmed and Past President Rownak Ahmed, it was an amazing team experience to gather so many of our new Rotarians and join with the multitudes of other like-minded people participating in the Walk. In addition to existing members of the Hope Club, new members and a few prospective members joined the walk.   In all about 13 members and friends participated.
The Club is also thankful to Club Advisor PDG Mahbub Ahmad and AG Bina Ahmad for their inspiration and PDG Mary for being so supportive.
Sunshine and Westchester Clubs raise funds for Polio
The Sunshine and Westchester Rotary Clubs joined forces again, this time to raise funds for The Rotary Foundtion's Polio Plus Fund. 
It was a sunny weekend at the Kensco Dam Plaza in Westchester where hundreds of people gathered for the Heritage Festival.  Westchester Rotary rented a booth there at a strategic location in the festival put up a tent prominently displaying banners of both Clubs.  Sunshine Rotary donated 50 pieces of very lightly worn dresses collected from members' closets.  These items were put on hangars and placed on a rack with a sign marked "Thrift Shop Items"  and indicating that all proceeds would go to The Rotary Foundation's Polio Plus Fund.  These items were put up for sale for a nominal $10 each.  The booth was manned by Westchester Rotary President Maher Pathan, Sunshine President Bina Ahmad as well as Officers and  other members of the clubs.
During the day, many Rotarians and local leaders visited the festival, Among them were DGE Syed Alirahi, DGN  Garrett Capobianco, PDG Mahbub Ahmad, Scarsdale Club President-Elect Serkan Ceylan.  County Executive George Latimer, who is also a Rotarian visited the festival.
By the end of the day most of the items had been sold.  Following the event the net proceeds were forwarded directly to the Rotary Foundation's Polio Plus Fund in the name of the two clubs.  Together with the two-to-one match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the total amount available to the Foundation is $600.
All Clubs are invited to organize events to raise funds for Polio on the occasion of World Polio Day on 24 October.
Triple Project Saturday
16 September, was an amazing Saturday, packed with 3 impactful activities.  The Rotary E-Club of Heritage, NY, the Smart Rotaract Club - our newest Rotaract Club, organized the day in partnership with the Pediatric Education Development Society International (PEDSI).  The morning began with a workshop for International Medical Graduates and medical students who are preparing to get into US Residency Programs.  Nearly 30 attendees benefitted from this training workshop.
While this program was in progress, a mobile blood collection van from the New York Blood Center pulled up outside the Smart Medical Center in Jamaica, Queens, and began preparations for collecting blood from donors who had signed up earlier.  By the end of the day, some 40 people had donated blood including Heritage Club President, Dr. Maksud Chowdhury, Smart Rotaract President Dr. Rummanu Yeasin, and Sunshine Club member Ashfaque Salim. According to the NY Blood Center, each bag of blood saves 3 lives. This life-saving endeavor will help many people who have chronic illnesses, surgeries, burned victims, and women who have pregnancy complications to get the blood necessary to save their lives
Present during the course of the day were District Governor-Elect Syed Alirahi, representing the DG, and PDG Mahbub Ahmad. AG Bina, President of the Sunshine NY Club,  represented Area 5.  Also, present were the Area Governor for Area 9 Abit Ragbeer, Treasurer and Past President of the Westchester Rotary Club, Shazia Alirahi, and the President of the D7255 Hicksville South Rotary Club Mizan Rahman.
The day was far from over as just after a quick pizza and chicken fingers lunch provided by the Heritage Club, the CPR Training program began, provided by American Heart Association-certified CPR Instructors.  Some 30 young people took part and were awarded certificates of completion.  
President Maksud, thanked the Rotary leaders for attending and demonstrating the District's support for his Club and the young Rotaractors..  He introduced DGE Syed who talked about Rotary being a family.  He thanked the young people for taking this training.  PDG Mahbub applauded the Rotaractors and young people for giving up their Saturday to learn to be of service to others.  He said the willingness to be of service comes from the heart and just by being here today, they have proven that they all have hearts for service.  In her short remarks, AG Bina particularly thanked the Rotaractors who, within months of their establishment, had already established a new standard of Rotaractor service to the community.
Here are a few pictures.  
Sunshine & Westchester Clubs Provide Food, Groceries & Clothing to the Needy
"Someone picked a shirt and wore it standing against a glass-door nearby. He was so happy to see that the shirt fit him so well and its color was really wonderful. I saw how happy the middle-aged man was!"

Rotarian Maher Pathan was describing her experience of the food, grocery and clothing distribution program jointly organized by Sunshine NY and Westchester NY Rotary Clubs held on February 9 at Poughkeepsie in the outskirts of New York.

More than 50 people collected food boxes. Many pieces of gently used men's, women's and children's clothing were distributed.

Under privileged people, mostly from the housing for Afghan and Syrian refugees came and collected the food and clothes.
"They don't get enough food to eat, they don't have warm clothes to wear in  this winter. So, they were happy to get all those", said Maher, who is also the President-Elect of the Westchester, NY Club.

"Initially we brought food for 25 people. But later when a larger number of people gathered, we cooked again. Sister Mazida helped me to cook more food and we distributed them among the needy people", she added.  

"Lots of exciting things happened on the day. .We cooked the food ourselves. So that everyone gets to eat some home cooked, warm and healthy meals. All the collected clothes were in fine condition, and I made sure they were hygienic enough to wear."

Two elderly women came who have no family. Among them one lost her son in deadly gun violence. There is no one to buy food for this woman.  We bought some groceries and dropped them off at their houses in the camp, Maher Pathan said.

The onlookers and the people who stopped by were appreciative of this noble endeavor by Rotarians from two local clubs joining hands.

"Everyone liked the biryani and said that they wanted to eat again. I promised them that someday soon I will cook more biryani and distribute among them", said Maher Pathan.
Rotary Club of Hope completes first project
December is Rotary's Disease Prevention Month. One of our District's newest Clubs - The Rotary Club of Hope, New York completed its first project - distributing masks to the residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor Queen of Peace Residence.
Club President Rownak Ahmed and Vice-President Kazi Ahmed presented the carton of masks to the sisters running the Senior living and care center.
The Residence provides quality care to 80 elderly residents (65+ years old) who are without financial means, family or social support. Many seniors come to Queen of Peace as independent Residents residing in subsidized apartments on the 4th and 5th floors. As their skills decline and they require more assistance, they can move to a floor where an appropriate level of skilled nursing care is provided. The continuum of services permits a sense of security throughout life. Once a senior Resident comes to Queen of Peace, they have a home for the remainder of their years.
Sunshine & Westchester Clubs jointly Donate Toys and Money for Autistic Children
Sunshine NY Rotary and Westchester NY Rotary Clubs joined together to provide toys and a small grant for the autistic children being cared for by the Autism Society Habilitation Organization (ASHO) so that the children can have an enjoyable holiday season. Sunshine NY Rotary Charter President Bina Ahmad and Westchester NY Rotary President Shazia Alirahi presented the toys and check to the Executive Director of ASHO, Rubaiya Rahman on Wednesday 14 December.
In presenting the check for $500, Charter President Bina said, her new Rotary Club is happy to present its first Community Service Grant to ASHO for the benefit of the children being cared for.  President Shazia of the Westchester Club said her Club is pleased to present the toys to children through a small community organization like ASHO.
ASHO Executive Director Rubaiya Rahman thanked Charter President Bina and President Shazia for their gesture saying these were the only toys her organization has received for the children. She said small community organizations like ASHO that are working for the children in the community need all the support they can get.
Heritage Club Provides CPR Training & Information Session on Vaping
The Heritage NY E-Club is the first new Club formed in the district in 2019, after a number of decades of no new Clubs.  Since then, it has flourished, now having 38 members and has won the Presidential citation in its first two years. 
Last Sunday, 4 December, the Club, in collaboration with Pediatric Education Development Society International (PEDSI), organized an amazing program – providing certified CPR training to nearly 20 young kids and some adults, coupled with informative sessions on Vaping and the importance of exercise.  In addition, two senior Psychiatrists were on hand explaining to both, the parents and the children, the importance of communication and understanding particularly in view of the generational and cultural gap.
In all, the event that began at 9 am was attended by 35 students, parents as well as District officials and Club members.  DG Marty welcomed everyone and at the end of the 90-minute-long CPR training, handed over the certificates to the attendees.  One woman, pushing back tears, said, “Some years ago, my husband died right in front of me.  I could not help because I did not know how to.  If I had known CPR then, I could have helped him.  Now I can help others in need”.
Following a short coffee and snack break, the program resumed, this time with a Zoom component adding to the number of attendees.  Pulmonologist Dr. Naeema Chowdhury, from Philadelphia discussed the dangers of vaping and how the vapors damage the lungs.  She explained that in the US, unlike in Europe, vaping pods are unregulated and are freely available to anyone, including children.  Big tobacco companies, trying to make up for revenues lost due to the strict regulation on tobacco products, are now targeting young people with child-friendly flavors of vaping products.  The ingredients in these products, not being regulated, also contain lead and other deleterious substances, some of which are highly addictive.  The students and parents actively participated in the ensuing discussion.  “I never knew vaping products are so harmful,” said one surprised student.
Dr. Ryan Chowdhury joining the Zoom session from Washington, DC explained the importance of exercise.  He said any movement of the body is beneficial.  He suggested swimming, biking, running or even walking to keep the body muscles functional and healthy.
In the final segment, two Psychiatrists, Dr. Munibur R. Khan Chief Psychiatrist, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, and Dr.  Quazi Rahman, Child Psychiatry, Medical Director, NYC Child Center spoke about the difficulties of parent-child relationships due to generational and cultural gaps.
DG Marty also presented the pins and certificates to three new Paul Harris Fellows of the Heritage Club, President Dr. Maksud Chowdhury, First Lady Dr. Shamim Begum and Vice-President Dr. Nasrin Khan.  Also present at the event from the district, were Executive Secretary PDG Mahbub Ahmad, District Rotary Foundation Chair PDG Mary Shackleton and Area Governor Bina Ahmad.
Rotary Club of Promise Provides Food for the Needy.
Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for all the blessings one is blessed with.  It is also a time to share some of the blessings with those who are not as fortunate.
The Rotary Club of Promise, NY, whose charter was approved around Thanksgiving hit the ground running by engaging in its first project - a thanksgiving project.  On the morning of November 23rd, some of Club's Rotarians, decided to buy supplies for their Local food drive.  Earlier other members and friends had dropped off cans of beans, soups, vegetables as well as boxes of pasta, cereals and other items to be added to the food donation.  They are making the supplies available to Long Island Cares.
Club President Makhfia Zaman and Secretary Surah Zaman accompanied by a few other members went shopping for other supplies.   "We are thrilled to be able to donate canned food and non-perishables for the community", said President Makhfia.  "We are a very new Rotary Club and are learning to plan and do projects within our community.  We are starting small."  Currently with 20 members, the Club hopes to engage in other small projects and graduate to larger projects perhaps in partnership with other Rotary Clubs and local organizations.
Larchmont Rotary Walks to End Alzheimer’s
The Larchmont Rotary Club team participated for the first time in the annual Alzheimer’s Association - Westchester County Walk to End Alzheimer’s  on October 2nd. The Walk’s main purpose is to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's care, support and research. In support of the five different Walks to End Alzheimer's happening across the Hudson Valley, the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge was lit up in purple on September 21st. Larchmont Club member Marion Anderson was interviewed about her connection to an Alzheimer’s patient by News12’s Lisa Larocca at Horan’s Landing in Sleepy Hollow that evening.
Several hundred people from all over the county came to the Valhalla campus of Westchester Community College on a cool and windy Sunday afternoon. Several Rotary Clubs of Westchester participated in the Walk, including those from Elmsford, Peekskill, Briarcliff Manor, White Plains and Pelham. Larchmont’s club manned the Rotary exhibit table and handed out its recently updated club brochure.
The team used emails, Facebook and telephone calls to raise money. Despite its small size, $4,353 was raised, the most by a Westchester Rotary club. Nationally, the club was ranked 12 th among all Rotary clubs who participated.
Larchmont’s team of nine includes six club members and three recruits by Marian Anderson: Stephanie Buckley, Barbara Luciano & Mary Jo Cecil.  Four members who participated in the Walk were: Marion Anderson, Marian White, Lester Nathan and Senada Zukic.  The team walked the mile and three-quarters course around the WCC campus.  County Executive and club member George Latimer gave a speech during the opening ceremonies and posed for pictures with various participants.
The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support and research. Its mission is to lead the way to end Alzheimer's and all other dementia — by accelerating global research, driving risk reduction and early detection and maximizing quality care and support.
Thanks go to Westchester Walk Director Esther McCarthy of the Alzheimer’s Association NY Chapter for helping us with fund raising. Donations can still be made until December 31st at our team’s webpage:
Empowering Youth Through Enterprise Education
The Rotary Club of the Hudson Valley, in collaboration with the Yonkers Public School District, commenced its Program on “Youth Empowerment Through Enterprise Education” today at the Lincoln Middle School in Yonkers.  The Program is to open up opportunities for High School students.  Based on the intensive work done by Developmental Education (International) Society in India (DEIS), the Club created this Program focusing on developing the necessary mindset for divergent thinking, and creating opportunities with “What if” thinking, instead of “What is” thinking, currently a hallmark of our education system.

The Program is small, restricted to twelve High School seniors.  The students are split into two groups, led by two facilitators, Yamil Baez and Allenia Robinson.  The students use “what if” thinking to develop, all by themselves, their own viable plan for self-employment.  Importantly, the skills learnt in this program are as basic as language and math, and are useful in any walk of life.  The Program is slated to end on August 15, 2022.  Similar programs are planned for several other school districts in Westchester.

DEIS Founder Dr. Wagh, a seasoned Rotarian from RID 3131 (Pune, India) trained the facilitators and supervises the conduct of the Program.  PDG Kris Chittur,  Charter-President of the Rotary Club of the Hudson Valley, organized this Program.  Rotary Clubs interested in running this wonderful program in their areas are welcome to contact Rotary Club of the Hudson Valley at
Caring for our Seniors
Mindful of all that seniors have contributed to our community, Sari Smith hatched a plan to give something back.
The 18-year-old did it under the auspices of Hamilton Rotary’s Interact Club in Bermuda. Then president of the 15-strong group, it was her idea to start “an inter-generational program” that would “develop meaningful relationships”.
Eighty-three bags containing “personal and consumable items” were delivered to seniors across the island of Bermuda in mid-February 2022.
“We just picked three rest homes out, randomly, and we also went through a church and we gave them 20 baskets to give to needy seniors who had been coming to the church when they give out food,” said Sari, who completed her year as club president in 2021 and is now the community service director. “And then we had ten seniors that we knew – anybody who was in need – and we gave it to them.”
The teenaged Rotaract members were responsible for every aspect – from getting sponsors to delivering the baskets to nursing homes and seniors living on their own.
“We communicated with international businesses, retail outlets and wholesale distributors asking for donations in the form of financial support, donations of goods and special discounts to purchase consumable and personable items,” Sari said.
Insurers Liberty Specialty Markets were the first to respond to their request and agreed to be the “major financial partner” on the initiative. Wholesalers BGA were also “very helpful”.
“We subsequently received offers from other companies who we are hoping will delay their financial support for some of our other future initiatives,” Sari said. “The Rotary Youth team was involved in visiting establishments, negotiating discounts and asking for donations, picking up the items purchased and donated, packaging the individual bags of goodies and then delivering them to approximately 83 seniors.”
The group was grateful for the “contributions and support” Cristina Martin, Peter Tobin, Michelle Smith, Donnette Caisey, Deborah Albouy and Cathy Bassett gave to the initiative.
Sari got involved with Hamilton Rotary Club after she was asked to play her violin at one of its events. “After I played at their event, they told me about the club and I was really interested in joining so I've been there for I think it's close to four years now.”
The Interact Club was introduced to Bermuda 46 years ago by Kirk Kitson and the late Jay Bluck, past presidents of Hamilton Rotary.
The group split up when the then-teenagers left Bermuda to attend college but it was restarted six years ago after Ms Bassett attended a Rotary convention in New York City at the United Nations. More than 100 teens have benefited from the club, which is sponsored by Hamilton Rotary.
Emma Roberts, a student at Mount St Agnes Academy, is the current president. The group of public and private school students meets twice a month on Zoom, its members range in age from 14 to 18.
The Rotary Interact Youth Club has four actively engaged committees which include Sari's group, the community service committee, the social relations team, the fund raising team and [the] media team,” said Ms Bassett, the youth director of Hamilton Rotary Club.
Together, the students “plan events that demonstrate service above self in the community and organise social activities for the members”.“They are actively involved with KBB cleanups, funding programs for needy citizens, [providing] books for schools, donating food vouchers to needy citizens and attending overseas conventions embracing youth leadership and international service,” Ms Bassett said. “Two years ago, we took 14 youth delegates to the [United Nations] to present position papers at The National High School Model United Nations Convention, where over 5,000 youth were in attendance from around the world. Sari was one of the presenters.”
Sari also spearheaded a scheme that saw $1,000 in food vouchers from Lindo’s presented to 50 Pals and dialysis patients, “many of whom were seniors”, and “initiated a call-in program where students in the club call to check on seniors during the pandemic”, Ms Bassett added.
Adapted from item published in the Royal Gazette, (Bermuda) 22 February 2022
Computer & Sewing Machines for Orphan Girls - courtesy of the Sunshine Club
The Club's second international project is under the umbrella of President Shekhar's "Empowering Girls" Initiative.  It is a partnership between the Rotary E-Club of Sunshine, New York (D7230) as the primary funding partner and the RC Banani Dhaka (D3281) as the local partner with a small amount of local funding.
Through the project, a full computer set, and three electric sewing machines have been provided for the thirty young girls at the Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage in Chandpur of Bangladesh. The girls were provided with basic computer training and specific training on the use of sewing machines, for embroidery and clothing. This equipment and training will provide the girls with usable and marketable skill sets so they can be productive in the future. Since the lifespan of the sewing machines is many years, it is envisaged that subsequent batches of orphan girls will continue to benefit from this project.
The Orphanage has been expanding its vocational training program for the girls. They expressed a need to establish a computer lab. They can absorb the continuing cost of internet connection, but do not have the resources to purchase decent computer sets. Their needs were for a desktop computer with a large monitor suitable for viewing by 4 or 5 girls around the desk, together with a printer and camera for video conferencing and remote learning. The Orphanage Management on feedback from the girls expressed the need for sewing machines and supplies so the girls could learn embroidery and clothing stitching.
The Project will be ongoing by providing training to many batches of girls over a period of at least 4 years for the computer and 10 years for the electric sewing machines. By undergoing this training, the girls will have access to the internet which will expand their learning and be able to view and participate in online remote learning programs. With the sewing machines and the training in embroidery and clothing stitching skills, not only will they be able to create their own wardrobes, but also prepare themselves for establishing future business ventures. These skills will prepare the girls for the real world when they are of age to be on their own. It is likely that they will return to the Orphanage as Teachers, thus not only being able to sustain themselves but contribute to their community.
As part of the project, the Orphanage Management has also established organizational training for the girls by dividing them into seven groups each headed by one of the oldest girls   The group leaders have been given defined tasks to be performed by the group.  The leaders instruct the younger girls in their group to take care of their room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, washing clothes, ensuring proper attire and their appearance, and of course, learning various skills.
St. George's Club (Bermuda) Pitches in to Help Restore Historic Site
Ferry Point Park is Bermuda’s second-largest park, and it’s a treasure trove of history that is unmatched in any other park in Bermuda.  This is why the St. George’s Foundation chose it as their “Living Classroom” and as a basis of their education program. Over the years the Park has been in a state of disrepair with overgrown bushes and unusable paths.
The St. George's Club stepped in to help prepare it for restoration, by cleaning it up.  Members of the Club were out at the park in the Bermuda winter, clearing all brush, trees, and trash.  Club President Andrew Roberts and a crew of Club Rotarians (and some family members too!) also took in a bit of recreation while using their combined muscle power to clear and haul away a lot of accumulated debris. A quick barbeque helped re-energize them for the labor of love.
Ferry point Park is part of Ferry Island Fort which had been built around 1795 to protect the only ferry lane that ran between the island of St. Georg's and the mainland.  At that time (and until 1871), the ferry lane was of national security importance since it transported not just civilians and troops, but also bulk provisions, military supplies, horse & carriages, and mail.
New Sunshine Club Partners with Hamilton Club to Donate Vehicle to Child Welfare Organization

It was an incredible partnership in three countries involving 2 Rotary Clubs two business organizations and a local Charity organization that came together to make this project a reality.  International Projects Director of the District newest Club the E-Club of Sunshine New York, Syed Mahfuz who is the owner of Golden Miles Co. in  Japan, was on a business trip to Bermuda, where he visited the Rotary Club of Hamilton - the oldest Club in the Island of Bermuda which is part of Rotary International District 7230. 

Rotarian Syed also met with his business partner in Bermuda, Happy Van Imports.  They had a joint meeting and a visit to the offices of the van company.  They agreed that The Hamilton Rotary Club would accept the donation of a mini-van from Happy Van Imports and in turn make it available to GSP - a local charity that assists children left behind from gun violence.

Sunshine Club Charter President Bina Ahmad thanked all involved in this meaningful project and said it was a source of inspiration that her new club could be involved in this project.  President Jean Akol of the Hamilton Club and President-Elect Ric Richardson played pivotal roles in identifying the recipient organization and diligently completing all the necessary steps to see the project to fruition. 

The formalities took a while to be completed and the vehicle handover finally took place at a meeting of the Hamilton Rotary Club.  Mr. Roy Dennison of the Happy Van Imports Co. formally handed over the keys to Ms. Gina Spence of GSP in the presence of Club President Jean Akol and President-Elect Ric Richardson.  The vehicle will have the Rotary logo painted on it

Heritage Club Collaborates with D3281 to Distribute Blankets
The Heritage E-Club collaborated with the Rotary Club of Banani (D3281 - Bangladesh) and undertook a blanket distribution project.  The Club has donated Taka 50,000 (nearly US$600) for the local purchase and distribution of blankets among the needy people of the northern part of Bangladesh where the weather has already turned cold and much colder temperatures are expected over the next few months.
The project is part of the Heritage E-Club's international projects aimed at undertaking collaborative projects in areas of need.  Recently, the Club joined with the Rotary Club of Yonkers-East Yonkers to send barrels of food and clothing to the people of Haiti.
Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Banani carried the blankets to a local school in the northern district of the country, where thanks to an earlier information campaign, a few hundred local residents as well as people from nearby areas, many of them elderly, gathered on the school grounds to pick up the blankets.  Organizers ensured the recipients were appropriately socially distanced and carried out the distribution in a very orderly way.
East-West Rotary embarks on First Community Service Project
In this season of giving, one of the District's newest Rotary clubs has partnered with local organizations, to provide food supplies to nearly 300 needy residents of the Parkchester area of the Bronx.  Setting a great example of joining forces for greater impact, the Club collaborated with Bucket List Fulfillment, the Bangladesh Academy for Fine Arts (BAFA) with the support of the Bronx Community Board 9.  Residents lined up to collect the packages of groceries - rice, lentils, pasta, oil, macaroni-and-cheese packets, 
Club President Sam Rahat Muqtadir said this is the Club's maiden project and the Club decided to partner with local organizations so that there is wider reach within the community and so as to be able to assist a larger group of needy local residents. The organizer was Bucket List and the venue was provided by BAFA.  Sonia Lasmin, who is also the Youth Services Director of the East-West Club was the connecting force behind the event.   Also present were President-Elect Arnab Roy, Secretary Ziauddin Ahmed, and Club Cultural Affairs Director Margia Shiriti.  The Club's media partner streamed the event live via their Facebook portal.
Hartsdale-Greenburgh Rotary Partners with Staples to donate supplies to  Schools
The Hartsdale-Greenburgh Rotary Club has partnered with Staples in Elmsford to gather school supplies to donate to the Greenburgh Central School District.This is a program that the Club undertakes every year, but the partnershipwith Staples has significantly increased the reach of the program.
"This is our second year partnering with Staples on this project," said JoeGardner, President of the Hartsdale Greenburgh Rotary Club. "They continue to go above and beyond to make this a hugely successful event for us and for thelocal schools."
During the back-to-school season, Staples gave customers the opportunity topurchase a school supply kit ($5 value) that was used to donate to childrenin several school districts and local non-profit organizations and learningcenters. The kits contained 19 pieces of essential classroom supplies; pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, glue stick, etc. They also offered specialdiscounts and programs for teachers in the community.
"Community is one of our core values at Staples, and we were thankful for the opportunity to partner with the Hartsdale-Greenburgh Rotary Club to make a difference in our own backyard, especially for area students who are adapting to a very different back to school season," said Manny Kosmas,
Staples General Manager.
Briarcliff Manor Club Raises Awareness of the Importance of Visible House Numbers
What can we do to positively influence our community?  The Rotary Club of Briarcliff Manor constantly addresses this important question in working to live up to the Rotary mission of “Service Above Self”.  One of the projects the club has undertaken recently is to raise awareness of the importance of visible street numbers to help first responders (and Amazon) find locations in case of an emergency.
It’s something most home (and business) owners take for granted.  There’s already a number on the building.  However, how easy is it to read, especially at night or in bad weather?  Take a walk around your own neighborhood and really critically look at each number.  It may or may not be surprising how few numbers are actually visible from the street.  Now imagine a police car, ambulance, or fire apparatus driving down a street looking at the numbers for an emergency.
This is something that is easy to fix.  The Rotary Club of Briarcliff Manor is working hard to build awareness of the importance of having a visible street number and also providing an easy solution in the form of a street number sign along with guidelines for displaying it.  This benefits everyone: community residents, neighbors, and first responders.  It is also a terrific reason for members of the community to consider a modest donation to the Rotary Club.  It’s a win for everyone.
Yonkers Club Donates Books to Library
The Yonkers-East Yonkers Club has donated nearly 250 hardcover books to the Riverfront Library in Yonkers.  September was Rotary's Education and Literacy month during which Rotarians are urged to undertake projects that expand education and literacy opportunities across communities.  The donated books are from the personal collection of Club Vice-President and Area Governor Bina Ahmad and Past District Governor Mahbub Ahmad.  Five Club Rotarians were present at the handing over of the books to the Director of the Library Sandy Amoyaw, who is also the Club Historian and a long-time Club Member,  In addition to the two donors, Club Rotarians Lawrence Farah and Anissa Latif also helped with unloading the books.,
The Director of Yonkers Public Libraries Jesse Montero was a guest speaker at the Club meeting on 27 September.  He said the Library system was looking to expand its' holdings to cater to a wider audience.  Accepting the books, Director of the Riverfront Library, Sandy Amoyaw thanked AG Bina and PDG Mahbub for their thoughtful donation.  He said the books will help expand the breadth of the holdings of the Library and may be shared with the other branches of the Yonkers Library system.  AG Bina said most of the books were collected over a period of years for their home library which they are now downsizing.  PDG Mahbub said the books in a large library will be available to many more readers rather than just beautifying a small home library.  Most of the books are contemporary fiction, including sets by authors, John Grisham, Lawrence Sanders, Clive Cussler, Robin Cook, and others as well as classics.  This is the Club's third donation of books to the Yonkers Libraries,  Earlier donations were to the Will Library and the Riverfront Library.
Westchester Rotary Club Feeds the Homeless
Rotarians Love Challenges - "A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are meant for."
29 July 2021: One of the District’s newest Clubs – the Rotary Club of Westchester has been very active in braving the pandemic, providing supplies for the needy wherever they are needed.  The Club’s latest project has been helping feed the homeless people at Mel’s Place Homeless Shelter on 25 July 2021. The shelter is run by the Mental Health America of Dutchess county providing support and helping homeless people with food, referrals to housing, social services, and employment opportunities!   
Mental Health America of Dutchess County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making sure nobody gets left behind in the community due to a lack of mental health services. Their staff and volunteers work day and night to strengthen families, overcome fear, help people dealing with anxiety, link individuals to the supports they need, provide safe spaces to heal, and Break down stigma.
Volunteers from the Club, including President Syed Alirahi, Secretary Shazia Alirahi, and Treasurer Firoz Pathan purchased pizzas, water, bananas, and apples and put together goodie bags containing healthy snacks to go.  During the course of the day, they served 50 people who visited the shelter.
The Club is very thankful to Shelter Manager Tracy Edmonstone for providing this wonderful opportunity for helping our community!
New Yorker of the Week: Inwood Rotarian Jim Kushner
22 July 2021: In Inwood, there’s no shortage of flowers and at first glance, no shortage of trees. Jim Kushner put his green thumb on display in 2006, starting the Rotary Club of Inwood. His mission was to make what he calls “Upstate Manhattan” even greener.

After noticing just how many trees had died in the area, Kushner got to work. It took three years of writing to the state legislature, but he’s managed to replace 100 of the dead or damaged trees and is waiting for 30 more. Even now Kushner is thrilled by what his efforts have accomplished.

“I was shocked. I was walking down the street and thought, ‘There’s something different here and I can’t figure it out’ and I’m walking underneath the trees and then it dawned on me. ‘Oh my goodness, they put the trees in,” Kushner said laughing as he walked down a treelined block.

Kushner’s latest efforts are aimed at getting protective fencing for the new saplings. His leadership and example have inspired his community. “When we started putting up the fencing around the trees, other people started seeing what we were doing and said, ‘Hey, that’s a good idea. I guess I’ll do that too,” Kushner said. Over the last couple of years, Kushner says building supers and neighbors alike are making sure the trees near their buildings are well maintained.

“People see the tree pits and the trees and they think, ‘Why can’t we have one in front of our house?’” Kushner said.

Kushner’s hope is that by beautifying the area, business owners will get the attention they need to get back on their feet. At the very least, he hopes the flowers bring his neighbors some cheer. “If putting people in a good mood and a smile on their face doesn’t help. I don’t know what else to do,” Kushner commented.  While Kushner waits for his trees and fences, he’s plenty busy helping out with four community gardens in the area. Making sure the flowers in Maria Lall and Bruce’s garden continue to bloom. 
“I planted them. I’ve financed them. I’ve been out there getting my hands dirty, just seeing that they get done,” Kushner said.  It’s a legacy Kushner hopes to leave behind and with the strength of the community behind him, he has no doubt it will continue for generations to come.  

“It’s a massive project. I’ll be dead and hopefully it’ll still be going on,” Kushner joked.

For planting for the future, Jim Kushner is our New Yorker of the Week.

Adapted: from Spectrum News NY 1

Hamilton Rotary joins Fight Against Diabetes
July 21, 2021: With a surge in cases of Diabetes on the Island of Bermuda, the Hamilton Rotary Club has joined the fight against Diabetes on the Island.  The caseload of the Bermuda Diabetes Association surged after the island endured more than one year of pandemic conditions.  The not-for-profit organization tackling one of Bermuda’s most prevalent chronic illnesses also saw triple the usual demand for its patient assistance program helping people cover the medication expenses.
The Hamilton Rotary Club joined the fight against Diabetes by providing a donation of $6,000 to the Bermuda Diabetes Association to help the battle against the disease.  President Jean Akol, presented the check to Sara Bosch de Noya, a diabetes educator at the Association.  Also present at the event were a young diabetes patient,  and Past Club President Dr. Raphael Loutouby, a nephrologist at King Edward Vii Memorial Hospital.
Receiving the check, Ms. Bosch de Noya told the club she had joined a webinar by the International Diabetes Federation in the spring that predicted a rise in Type 2 diabetes, “particularly in youth”.  “Physical education wasn’t happening; they were home-schooled for months and months,” she said. “Their lives have changed.” She added: “With Covid and lifestyle change and the way our diets have changed through stress, we are looking at a potential global increase in numbers with Type 2 diabetes following the pandemic.
The donation from the club has gone to help three young people with diabetes get high-tech devices to help them take control of their blood sugar levels.  Ms. Bosch de Noya highlighted the “phenomenal” FreeStyle Libre, a wearable device that tracks blood glucose for Type 1 and Type 2 patients.  “It’s a revolutionary teaching tool,” she said.  Rather than having to draw blood for a spot check on sugar levels, the devices enable continuous monitoring of the body’s sugar levels after everything from eating a banana to going for a run.  “This technology has indeed been a phenomenal asset to us in diabetes management.”
The Hamilton Rotary Club meets weekly at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and has engaged in many high-profile local and international projects.
Adapted from News Story Published in The Royal Gazette, Bermuda, 21 July 2021
Mid-Island Rotary Club Marks 3 Decades of ‘Service Above Self’ with a Gala
12 July 2021: Celebrating its 30th anniversary, The Mid-Island Rotary Club members and friends gathered recently for an evening of camaraderie and community spirit in Casa Belvedere, the Italian cultural center on Grymes Hill, on Staten Island. 
During the evening’s fare, the Paul Harris Award was presented to two-time Club President Vincent Luongo, for his efforts throughout the years. However, because of the pandemic, the presentation was delayed. The presentation was made by longtime Rotarian Carmine DeSantis.
Congratulations to the new Mid-Island Rotary officers who were installed during the evening: President Linda Aubrey, Vice President George Dougherty, Secretary Carmine DeSantis, Treasurer John DeAmicis, and Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Applebaum. Dr. Charley Ferrer and Kevin Brown, two new members, also were inducted.
Members of the Mid-Island Rotary have been replenishing two Staten Island food pantries each month in memory of Bernard Del Rey, a prominent Rotarian who died two years ago. Dougherty, who spearheaded the project, set a fine example for his daughter Katie Dougherty, who also was instrumental in helping to organize and coordinate activities at a number of food pantries.
Dougherty was presented with The Service Above Self Award, and Katie was given an award as well as a $1,000 Fred Fiore Scholarship for her dedication and diligence.
Fundraising and service projects include servicing Project Hospitality with assistance from the Interact clubs from St. Peter’s, Notre Dame, and Port Richmond high schools; a Spring Meltdown 5K Run/Walk fundraiser at Fresh Kills Park; delivering 1,000 turkey baskets to Staten Islanders with all five Rotary clubs; an Oktoberfest event supporting Staten Island veterans in need, and a Christmas party with gifts for youngsters at Staten Island University Hospital.  The Club also has donated to the Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund and the West Coast Fire Relief Disaster Fund, and it sponsors the JDRF Walk. It also has donated thousands of face masks, gloves, and sanitizing supplies to senior housing centers and food pantries, and has distributed scholarships and grants.
This year’s scholarship recipients were: Manahil Jaffre, $2,500; Julia Naishuler, $2,500; Andrea Chetirko, $1,000 Service Award, and Katie Dougherty, $1,000 Fred Fiore Service Award.  Grants totaling $21,000 were given to the following organizations: Amethyst House, Children at Play, CSI Hillel, Eden II, Garibaldi Meucci Museum, The GRACE Foundation, Cancer Tamer, Cheer 4 A Cause, Green Technology Solar Cars- SI Tech, Phelan McDermid Syndrome Foundation, Seaview, Staten Island Ballet and Theatre, Staten Island Museum and Project Hospitality.
The Mid-Island Rotary meets for breakfast on Thursday mornings at the Dakota Diner.
At Mid-Island Rotary's 30th anniversary celebration, from left, Diane Arneth (North Shore Club), Assistant District Governor; Frank Wilkinson, president North Shore Rotary; newly installed Mid-Island Rotary President, Linda Aubrey, past President, Bob Moore.   Carmine DeSantis, Secretary of the Mid-Island Rotary Club, and Vice-President Vincent Luongo, who was honored with the Paul Harris Award.  
George Dougherty and daughter Katie, hold up their awards from the Mid-Island Rotary. 
Photos Courtesy Linda Aubrey, Staten Island Advance   Link to story on Staten Island Advance
Rotary Responds: COVID-19


We write to thank our neighbors and friends for their support over the past year in helping the Bronxville Rotary Club respond to some of the many challenges presented by COVID-19. The following is a brief outline of how those donations have been used. And as we express our gratitude the Bronxville Rotary commits itself to continue in our efforts to help the people of our village and neighboring communities. Click here to read our open letter.


Members of the Heritage NY E-Club were active in providing 14 families in dire need, in the Bronx with groceries to last them for one. month.  These families preferred the groceries to cash handouts. The supplies included rice, cooking oil, lentils. onions, potatoes. pasta, cereals, chicken nuggets, pita bread, salt and snacks valued at $100 per bag.
The project was led by Club President S. Zaki Hossain, while Rahat Hossain arranged for the shopping and delivery to these families, many of which have young children or elderly members.
The project is ongoing with many more families in need awaiting supplies of groceries.  If you wish to participate in the project please donate to the Club


The Peekskill Rotary Club raised over $4,000 in donations from its members for the Peekskill Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps. at their regular Rotary meeting on Thursday, April 16th which was held online via Zoom. The donations are for a "fogger," which is an innovative new surface treatment system that combines proven electrostatic technology with trusted disinfecting products to quickly and easily provide superior coverage in even the hardest-to-reach places.

Club Member Chrissy Meslener informed the Club that the Peekskill Volunteer Ambulance Corp. needed a disinfecting fogger to quickly clean ambulances after a call.  Presently they are hand-sanitizing the “rigs” which takes far more time and is not as efficient as a fogger. The disinfecting process has become a challenge as the number of daily calls has increased from approximately 5 to about 25 during the COVID-19 crisis. Improper or inadequate cleaning poses a health hazard to anybody traveling in the ambulance.
In total the Club raised $4,350 in private donations. The wave of contributions was started when one member pledged $1,000 towards this cause if the club was able to raise the rest. Their donation was followed by $1,000 from two more members and along with several other donations, they exceeded the $4,000 asked for. The Ambulance Corp. will purchase Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) with the extra donations.


The Rotary Clubs of Pleasantville, Briarcliff Manor and Yonkers-East Yonkers have joined hands with Gullotta House to provide meals for the needy.    Gullotta House uses the donations from the clubs combining the funds with other donations and purchases the meals at cost from local restaurants. 
The food distribution is ongoing every week - Mondays at Pleasantville, Tuesdays at Yonkers and Wednesdays at Briarcliff.  Hundreds of meals have so been distributed at these locations. Club and other volunteers at at every location so that people who come by are given the meal packs maintaining social distancing. 
They also delivered meals to Ambulance Corps, Hospitals and the Police.  The Partnering restaurants are. Stamford Diner, Soup Ninja, Fin & Brew. & Tarry Tavern. Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Yonkers Rotary, Yonkers First Deputy Police Chief Tim Hodges, were present at the Yonkers locations and helped distribute the meal packets.


Jim Kushner and John Higgins of the Inwood Club started their 6th week with the Harlem Salvation Army, delivering food to the elderly and infirm. Everything is going smoothly. Jim drives down in his station wagon, takes the delivery addresses and packs the wagon with boxes of food from the Salvation Army Distribution Center.
They have partnered with the Rotary Club of Harlem and the Salvation Army for this project, delivering to Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood.
Jim is asking for support to help keep the food supplies ongoing. The Rotary Club of Harlem Foundation is raising funds for Harlem HEALS - COVID -19 Community Relief. Every dollar goes directly for getting the food supplies. There are no administrative costs.


The District's newest Club - the Heritage New York Club responded to the District's Emergency Appeal and collected donations to be directed to the Afya Foundation.  Three members of the Club donated a total of $1,000 for the Emergency Appeal.  Meanwhile, the Afya Foundation has already delivered 1,000 face shields and 700 masks to the St. John's Riverside Hospital and other PPEs to Lincoln Hospital..  Requests for additional supplies - gowns and gloves have been chaneled to Afya and will be made available as they receive more supplies.
An an e-club, the Heritage NY Club  has been trying to provide much needed assistance to the frontline health workers and support personnel  wherever it's members live - Westchester, Bronx, New York City as well as Long Island.


The new Edgemont Satellite of the Yonkers-East Yonkers Club was instrumental in arranging for PPE supplies to be sent to Lincoln Medical Center in The Bronx.  Club Adviser Parul Bhatnaghar responded to the need of the Lincoln Medical and contacted the District.  The District forwarded the request to the Afya Foundation and connected them together. The Afya Foundation collects PPEs and Medical supplies through donations and purchases and makes them available to local Hospitals and Organizations which are in dire need.
On 24 April, Afya volunteers delivered the supplies which were received by Dr. Rajan Khanna.  Thanks to Dr. Dimpy Gupta and Parul Bhatnagar for facilitating this much-needed protection for our frontline health personnel who are daily risking their lives and well-being to help others.


(Brian Harrod, Yonkers Newswire)
YONKERS ROTARY TO THE RESCUE: Yonkers-East Yonkers Rotary President Steven Simpson and fellow Rotarian Yonkers Police Department Deputy Chief Tim Hodges have just announced that the Yonkers Rotary Board Members have voted to donate $1,000 to Gullotta House to keep the free hot grab-and-go meals flowing out of the Yonkers Community Action Program (YCAP) for those in need in the City of Hills.

Yonkers Police Department Deputy Chief Rotarian Tim Hodges was with fellow Rotarian Matthew Gullotta handing out hot meals to Yonkers residents, but Yonkers Rotary President Steven Simpson was not able to come, because he was picking up PPE supplies at an airport.

On Tuesday, 21 April, Rotary President Steven Simpson presented Gullotta House their donation check at the Yonkers Community Action Program, as other Club Members joined Deputy Chief Hodges in volunteering in handing out grab-and-go hot meals to those in need.


The Elmsford Rotary Club in collaboration with the DoubleTree Hotel, Tarrytown and Burger King arranged for Easter Dinner for the 250 soldiers of the US Army National Guard Regiment from Camp Smith, Peekskill.  .These soldiers are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the COVID-19 testing centers, Mobile Hospitals and schools, and are being housed at the DoubleTree Hotel.
This hot meal was the Club's way of thanking these courageous soldiers, taking their time away from their families, a little more bearable. These soldiers perform daily and live our motto “Service Above Self”.
The Elmsford Club is also providing free whopper meals to about 300 essential construction workers building the hospital and medical facility at the Westchester County Center.
Club President J.T. McFadden said, these activities - the result of a great partnership between the Elmsford Club, the DoubleTree Hotel and Burger King. are intended to demonstrate the commitment of all the partners towards their local community as well as to to show respect for the work of our soldiers.



On Tuesdays, the Rotary Club of Peekskill has been working with Feeding Westchester to distribute food to the local community. Food packages are available starting at 11:00 in front of The Field Library on Main St.  This project will continue for the foreseeable future.
The Club's Friday meal distributions, began on April 11, 2020 in a combined effort with HOPE For Youth Foundation, Manzer's Landscape Design & Development and private donations from Peekskill Rotary members. All meals are purchased from local restaurants and made available at Manzer's Landscaping Design & Development yard located at 1060 Lower South St, Peekskill, from 1:00 - 3:30.
The purpose of this project is to provide meals to families in the local community and at the same time keep local restaurants open.  Friday meals will continue every Friday until at least May 1st.


The Gateway Rotary Club on Staten Island arranged to provide pizzas for the Doctors, nurses and staff at a local hospital.  These heroes on the front lines have been treating patients everyday since the beginning of the pandemic, at great risk to themselves and their own families.  As a show of gratitude, Rotarians from the Club delivered the boxes.  Club President Steven Cisternas, members Stuart Roaker, Domenick Moncada, Paul Sarcona, Joseph Botegga, Bobby Walsh, John Buonocore and other members participated. 

Rotary Club of New Rochelle has just donated $6,000 to support the Coronavirus first responders: $3,000 to the New Rochelle Police Department and $3,000 New Rochelle Fire Department for safety equipment.  As the New Rochelle area has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, the Rotary Club of New Rochelle is also looking to raise money to help those in need. These funds will be given back to the New Rochelle community and those in the Sound Shore area affected by COVID-19 in the aftermath of this pandemic.  
The Club has established a fund to receive donations

The Rye Rotary Foundation has partnered with "Bread of Life", via a donation.  This not-for-profit organization feeds over 10,000 people weekly in Westchester County, where 1 in 5 is hungry. Based in Rye, NY, Bread of Life provides food, clothing, and support to food pantries, homeless shelters and individuals. It works with a variety of partners to deliver food relief to those in need.
A specific emphasis is placed on utilizing one of the most abundant resources in the community - excess food. Through "food rescue,” the Bread of Life team works with local grocery stores, restaurants, and food distributors to deliver excess food, that would otherwise be discarded as waste, to those experiencing food insecurity.
This virus has created an unprecedented challenge for nearly all of us. But it is also an opportunity for Rotarians and those in our communities to find new, meaningful ways to lead and to connect and do good in the world. Rye Rotary will be working with Bread of Life & Greenwich Hospital to help provide funds for meals as well as medical supplies to those in need throughout this difficult time.

The Eastchester Rotary Club was able to secure 100 N95 respirator masks and donate them to the local police department that was in urgent need.  The Club is also working to obtain more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The Rotary Club of Bronxville, in a rapid response to the urgent need for food relief, has started a matching fund to help support furloughed kitchen help and wait-staff at our local restaurants. An initial disbursement of funds was made on 27 March to staff at Fogarty's restaurant - the venue of Club meetings as well as many District meetings.  Forgarty's has closed an laid off all staff.  The Club Board took immediate action to stave off hunger for these families. This may be an ongoing crisis, so any donations from the public are encouraged and can be made through the Bronxville Rotary Club website.
The Club has also made a donation of $5,000 to the Harlem Rotary Clubs program with the Salvation Army to feed the hungry.

Rotary Yonkers-East Yonkers President Steven Simpson and his Team once again gave up their lunch hour, on 18 March, to be at The Yonkers Community Action Program (YCAP) to pack groceries for home-bound seniors and disabled residents. The Club has been doing this for the past few months and they determined that they could not let the homebound seniors and disabled in their community down.
Special guests partnered up with Y-EY Rotary Club today ..... Yonkers City Council-member Tasha Diaz, former Council-member Lorraine Lopez, brought re-useable grocery bags from the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers IDA.
Our seniors shouldn't have to go without their much-needed groceries. Truly Service Above Self.

(Dwayne R. Norris, Past President, Harlem Rotary Club, 18 March 2020)
I had the privilege of stopping by WestCOP today and seeing the operation they have going that is feeding thousands of Westchester residents every week!! I was able to bring 12 boxes of books donated by my business Soulful Synergy, Rotary Club of Harlem and The Book Fairies to help ease the stress on families during these difficult times
A special shoutout to Daniel E Bonnet for your incredible leadership throughout this crisis and my business partner Alejandro Alvarez for always putting community first!
Thanks to The National Guard for being on the front lines! New Rochelle is resilient and they will come out of this emergency but with your help it will be easier.
Page Stories

The Hamilton Rotary Interact Club is reflecting on its work to assist the community since its inception nearly five years ago, including donations to groups such as PALS, the Salvation Army, the Bermuda Cricket Board youth division, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and Warwick Preschool.

A spokesperson said, “As we move into a new decade, we pause to give thanks to Rotary youth who have served our community well. The Hamilton Rotary Interact Club has been enhancing the plight of those who have fallen on hard times for almost five years since its formation.”

“They have helped to prepare supper and serve the needy at the Salvation Army, donated well-needed cups and lids to the Street Feeding Soup Ministry, sold tags for the Bermuda Cricket Board youth division and Feed The Children Ministry, run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and hosted and assisted visually blind citizens of the Inspire Bermuda Charity during their most successful tag day.

In June of 2018, I was infected by a deer tick with a parasite called Babesiosis which at the time was a permanent disqualification for donating blood.  It may no longer be the case as of Jan 2020.  By that time, I had donated over 100 units of blood, platelets, and plasma and was disappointed that I would no longer be able to donate.  In June of 2019, I was installed as the President of the Peekskill Rotary Club.  Our club was celebrating our 100th year and as President, I chose a Presidential project to get 100 units of blood donated.  Halfway through the year, our blood donation goal thermometer read a disappointing 21 donations, so I decided to create a challenge to get people to donate.  I modeled my blood donation challenge after the Ice Bucket Challenge and with the help of two very generous friends, JP Patrick, a videographer & director, and Diane Cricchio another video superstar we created the challenge video.

A fundraising campaign by a youth theatre to send youngsters to train on New York City’s Broadway has been given a boost from Hamilton Rotary Club.

A spokeswoman for Noire said the training trip, scheduled to take place in April, would allow the youngsters to take part in Broadway acting workshops, talkback sessions with Broadway professionals and an intensive training session, at the Neighbourhood Playhouse acting school.

I knew there was no shortage of books, I constantly hear people say they have basements and attics filled with their kid’s books. Where in our neighborhood could these books filled with so much imagination and story go so all the children could be reached? Laundromats! That was my first thought. A long day at the laundry mat waiting for the cycles to go through. Both parent and kids need a distraction to pass the time. What better way to pass the time than with a story a parent and child can share together.

What if Rotary supplied books for kids to read and take home to snuggle with at bedtime? So, Rotary started collecting book which was easy but now where would we put them? Ron, the owner of Sleepy Hollow Laundromat on Valley Street in Sleepy Hollow was happy to welcome us. We set up a small bookshelf and loaded it with books. At the same time McDonald’s wanted to support the local community more and approached Rotary. So, we set up a bookshelf in the lobby at McDonald’s. To our surprise and delight the books were flying off the shelves. One of our Rotarians, Rabbi David Holtz, had built a beautiful bookshelf in excitement for this project and it needed a home. Dr Kothari of 914 Smile Inc opened his waiting room to our bookshelf and has done a wonderful job of filling it in his children’s corner.


On Saturday, February 8, the Club coordinated about 50 volunteers from across New York City who came together to make 1,250 sandwiches for the hungry and homeless in Harlem  The Club is grateful to all of the volunteers and their partners at One Sandwich at a Time and Pillars for being a part of this special day!