Global Grant Guidelines (2023-2024)
 Before Getting Started
  • Global Grants support large (minimum $30,000) international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s 7 Areas of Focus (Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; Basic Education & Literacy; Disease Prevention & Treatment; Maternal & Child Health; Community Economic Development; Supporting the Environment) for Humanitarian Projects, Vocational Training, and Scholarships.

  • Note that while many global grant projects are located outside the US in developing countries with significant needs, projects can also be located here in the metropolitan NY area and Bermuda, or elsewhere in the US, but if located within the US, participation by a Rotary Club from outside North America is a requirement.

  • If the project is located within our District, the applicant Club is the Primary Local Partner, and that Local Partner Club should initiate the Grant request by consulting with our DRFC and TRF Grants Officer followed by starting the grant application on the Grant Center.

  • If the project is located outside the District, then the applying Club is the Primary International Partner.  They should request the Local Partner, to discuss the application with their local DRFC and corresponding TRF Grants Officer and they should start the application process on the Grant Center. The Primary International Partner Club, applying for our District funding, may of course assist the Local Partner Club in preparing the application for the Grant Center.

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Global Grant (GG) Process
  • If your Club is the local Partner, use the GG Application Template to prepare a draft of your project.  If your Club is the International Partner, have the Local Partner draft the grant request.

  • Be sure the Needs Assessment has been completed by the Local Partner.

  • Review the filled-in Template and the Needs Assessment with your Rotary Grants Officer for guidance on the GG application on

  • Discuss financing with your Local or International Partner.
  • Discuss the project with our District Grants Sub-Committee for guidance.

  • Request GG District Designated Funds, if needed (see below)

  • Local Partner should complete the GG application on the Rotary Grants Center

  • Once approved and the project is underway, be sure to file Progress Reports on time.
The Global Grant Guide will help you plan a project, apply for a grant and manage the funding for the project. Make sure your grant idea is eligible before you start a Global Grant application by completing the Global Grant application template and contacting our District Grants Sub-Committee and Rotary Grants Officer to review it and offer recommendations. If you are not looking to request any funds from the district, your process can be discussed and processed directly with the Rotary Grants Officer. If you are looking to request funds from the District, then we ask that you submit a request to the District Rotary Foundation Chair by email copying the Chair of the District Grants Sub-Committee as stated below.  If the District Grants Sub-committee approves your request for funding, we will inform you and forward your GG application to the Rotary Grants Officer. All future communication will be between you and the Rotary Grants Officer.
How to Submit a Request for Global Grant (GG) District Designated Funds (DDF)
          Do Not Submit Request Unless your Club Is “Grant Certified”
  • During 2023-2024, District 7230 is planning to award approximately $38,000 in Global Grant DDF to clubs.
  • Global Grant requests for District Designated Funds should be emailed to the District Rotary Foundation Grants Sub-Committee Chair, PDG Mahbub Ahmad ( by December 30, 2023, indicating the request for DDF and attaching your draft global grant application Template. A minimum of $2,000 can be requested and a maximum of $10,000. Requests for higher maximums for high-impact projects may be considered subject to the availability of funds.  Typical requests are for $5,000.
  • Qualifications for Requesting District Designated Funds toward a Global Grant Project:
    • Club's (RI and District) dues must be paid in full.
    • Club must be “Grant Certified”. This is by attending the 29 July 2023 or 9 August 2023 Zoom district grant certification Seminar.      
    • Goals must be entered in Club Central on (at least 15 out of the 25 available goals).
    • Previous grant reports must be current.
    • Clubs must enter the names of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Membership Chair, and Club Rotary Foundation Chair in the Club Executives Section of your Club on the District 7230 website.
    • The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be signed.
  • The committee will meet and discuss the requests and it is important for the requestor to be available, sometimes at short notice, for additional questions.
  • For grant requests submitted by the December 30 2023 deadline, Clubs will be notified about the status of their request in approximately two to three weeks.
Contact Mahbub Ahmad (District Rotary Foundation Grants Sub-Committee Chair)
at 914-509-2644 or
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