Getting to know others in your local community is a long tradition in Rotary. In fact, it is why Rotary exists.

In 1905, our founder, Paul Harris, conceived of his meetings as a way for business professionals to help each other. It was an opportunity to get to know other business professionals and support them in their businesses. He called it fellowship and mutual helpfulness; today we would call it business networking and it is done through the Rotary Means Business Fellowship (RMBF).

RMBF encourages Rotarians to support the success of their fellow Rotarians by doing business with them and referring others to them. 
These are “open” networking events so you do not need to be a Rotarian to join us for breakfast and business networking – bring friends and especially invite prospective members for your Club.  Get to know your neighbors in the area and in other Rotary Clubs, and exchange ideas about business.
Meetings are generally on the fourth Thursday of the month. For details and more information about RMB’s business networking events, contact Rotarian Bill Fishman at
If you cannot attend Bill’s meeting but are interested in starting an RMBF chapter in your area, you can go to or contact Bill Fishman for information.
RMBF’s working symbol describes how business networking helps to make businesses more successful and stronger, which makes Club members stronger who can then contribute more to their Clubs, Rotary, the Foundation, and their communities which, coming full circle, contribute to making stronger businesses!