Statement from District Leadership
We the members of Rotary District 7230 have observed with increasing concern, the strong reactions and protests against systemic racism, injustice, social intolerance and all forms of discrimination that are unfolding in the United States and many other nations. Issues of racism, racial discrimination, and brutality by law enforcement are being discussed publicly and often passionately as interconnected. Ideas and proposals for meaningful reforms are openly aired. The problems of injustice and systemic racism are, therefore, no longer personal matters or the internal responsibility of countries. They have now evolved into a global challenge for humanity itself -- up there with environmental concerns and the current COVID-19 pandemic and must be addressed as such.
As Rotarians, we are members of an Organization founded on and devoted to the promotion of peace and development in the world, and the provision of selfless service to the needy and less fortunate in societies.  We do not condone systemic racism, social injustice and any forms of discrimination or police or government brutality. There is no place in civilized society for the continued atrocities and the racial inequities we still experience in our nation and in our world.  We stand unified and in solidarity with the families of the countless victims not only in this country but everywhere else where these inequities persist.
We support peaceful and orderly protests, marches and public expression of views denouncing the wrongs in our society. The physical presence of each person demonstrates the seriousness of the situation, the concern they have for racial equality, and their willingness to put their lives at risk as we navigate through the most horrific pandemic in our lifetimes. We especially recognize our young people who have so much at stake. They are not sitting on their couches thinking they can make a difference without open participation.
We condemn and denounce acts of violence, looting and damage to property or injury to people that have occurred during the protests. We encourage the authorities and leaders to recognize the message being conveyed by these protests and marches, and to take all necessary actions to address them. We support calls for reforms and changes that are deemed needed and necessary to deal with these issues.
We call upon our every Rotary District 7230 club, and Rotary clubs worldwide, to actively practice inclusion and be welcoming of everyone into our Rotary community. Our Rotary District 7230, together with our fellow Rotarians in the country and around the world, will continue to address the issues of injustice, systemic racism, and all forms of racial discrimination in our organization and in our communities, by bringing the change within ourselves. We will cooperate with local authorities and help in any way we can. We will continue to serve and strengthen those ties that bind us together. Our goal is to eradicate systemic racism, injustice, social intolerance, and police and governmental violence from the face of humanity through sustained efforts, as we have so effectively done with Polio.
Rotary District 7230 is committed to improving equity and inclusion by, learning, and listening and, by taking active steps to invite our entire community into our Rotary community come in order to come together for a better future. District 7230 took a proactive approach months ago and commissioned a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. We began the long overdue dialog of racial equity that must be woven into the fabric of Rotary. There will be additional sessions once we get to the other side of the pandemic. Will you join us?
Rotary is an organization that prides itself on its diversity and its ability to promote and live a of service above self. We challenge all Rotarians, particularly those in our Clubs who have benefited from their privilege, to let the change begin with us.
Mahbub Ahmad
District Governor
Mary E. Shackleton
District Governor-Elect
George C. McKinnis
District Governor Nominee 
Martin H. Schulman
District Governor Nominee-Designate
17 June 2020